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Pilot Manual

Getting Started

Upon starting with Empyral you are given a choice. You can start with 1,000 credits and purchase an aircraft or you can start with a loan and any aircraft you choose. If you decide to obtain a loan, you will not be able to purchase another aircraft or get a loan until your credit account is above zero, in the black. Your first task is to decide where you want to fly and what aircraft you want to start with. Our fleet is unlimited and spans the age of commercial airliners from the 1930's to present day. We have broken down the fleet into the five CAPA categories as seen below with a few examples of each.
Commuter: Piper Navajo, Cessna Caravan, Piper Seneca.
Small Turboprop: Raytheon Beech 1900c/d, Embraer 110/120, DHC6 (Twotter), Jetstream 4100, DC-3.
Large Turboprop: Dash 8 100/200/300/400, ATR 42/72, Vickers Viscount.
Regional Jet: Embraer 135/145/170-195, CRJ 100/200/700, RJ 75/85/100 Bae 146-100/200/300.
Narrowbody Jet: Airbus A318-321, Boeing 737, Boeing 757-200.
Widebody Jet: Boeing 757-300, 767, 777, 787,Airbus A330, 340, 350, 380, DC-10, MD-11.

You are allowed to choose the name of your contractor. It will have to be approved by management first. No real world airline names are permitted. Be creative but not offensive.

Next you'll have to pick an area that you want to fly. Contractors don't compete with each other for passengers so it's best to start in a place where you'll be happy and supports your type of aircraft. Once you've decided where to start you'll purchase your aircraft, register it, and place it at the airport. From there you must fly your aircraft from its current location. NOTE: The aircraft must depart the airport it is stationed at, but you can transfer to any place in the world. If you decide to place an aircraft at KLAX and another at EDDF you can transfer between the airports at no cost to you so you can explore different parts of the world.

So now that you have your aircraft and starting place it's time to start flying.

Booking Flights

Routes at Empyral are broken down into the same five categories as the aircraft. When you are looking at the Book a Flight page you will see minimum and maximum passenger loads you can expect for the particular route. Your aircraft at the current airport are displayed above. Select a route that your aircraft can handle.

HINT: Selecting a route with a maximum passenger limit than your aircraft - you will leave passengers behind. While this won't damage your reputation it will not increase it either. If you wish to grow and get into large aircraft, don't leave passengers behind. If you are comfortable where you are and maintaining your clientelle is your desire then it is ok to leave passengers behind.

It's now time for an explanation of Reputations and Credits.


When you first depart from an airport your reputation is 0.5. This simply means that 50% of available passengers will want to try you out. You're new to the area so there is some uncertainty. Every time you land at an airport that you have visited at least once, your reputation will either go up or down depending on the performance of your flight. Passengers like on time flights. Over time you will build your airports reputations so that your aircraft are filled. Then, you will have to buy larger aircraft or start leaving people behind.

The other way to build reputations is to advertise. You can advertise an airport, a route, or do a global marketing scheme to increase the reputations at some or all of the airports you serve.

Finally, randomly, you will get a VIP on your flight. If you have a good flight your reputation will go up at both the departure and arrival airports substantially. If you're late, the VIP will spread the word and you will get hit hard. You will also receive bonus credits for a successful flight...


Credits are earned by completing flights. The credits you earn are broken down into three categories: Fuel, Time, and Passenger Load. The less fuel you burn the better your credits for fuel. The faster you complete the flight, the better your credits for time will be. The more passengers you take and the better aircraft seat fill rate the more credits you will earn for this flight.

Opening/Closing Flight Plans

Once you have a route selected you will open your flight plan, indicate which aircraft you used, and fill in the starting fuel and time. When you've done the flight you will close your flight plan and fill in the arrival time and fuel remaining. Afterwards you are given a report of your reputation and credits earned during this flight.


Each contract lasts one month. At the end of the contract your previous months flights are examined and you will receive bonus credits based on the results. Also, you can be offered a bigger slice of the flight profits if you do well. You can also lose a slice of the profits on each route if you do poorly until you improve.


Not only does your reputation affect your passenger loads, but the global and regional economies does as well. Real world events and the natural ebb and flow of the economy has an effect on your passenger loads. See the report on economics in the Operations Menu.


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